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Emotion Coaching for Mental Health:

A mini Caregiver Workshop

This FREE workshop is open to parents and caregivers of loved ones (of any age) struggling with mental health and addiction concerns. Caregivers interested in becoming their loved one's emotion coach - in order to influence emotional development and regulation - will have an opportunity to take a deep dive into the world of Emotion Coaching during this two-hour workshop.


Participants will be offered:

 - a brief overview of emotion basics 

 - the two-step skill of Emotion Coaching

 - applicable examples (such as how to respond to intense urges or deep emotions like hopelessness) 

 - opportunities for practice

For those who have ever been curious about how to respond to big emotions, destructive urges and other challenging statements, this workshop will offer some of the fundamentals to get started.

The combination of Natasha's professional experience and Sue's lived experience of supporting her own daughter through recovery promises to make this workshop both applicable and relatable. Come join us!


Natasha Files MSW, RSW

Sue Huff 


*Registration Opens April 5th*

April 25: 

7am-9am PST/10am-12pm EST


June 6:

2pm-4pm PST/5pm-7pm EST


July 18:

2pm-4pm PST/5pm-7pm EST

Speaker Bios:

Sue Huff




Sue is the former Executive Director for the Eating Disorder Support Network of Alberta, and author of The Book of Hope about families overcoming eating disorders. She currently works for the Canadian Mental Health Association in Edmonton and is trained in family peer support, emotion coaching, mediation, conflict resolution and restorative justice practice. Before entering the mental health field in 2013, Sue worked as a professional actress, an award-winning writer for television, and director for the National Film Board of Canada. Most importantly, she is the parent of a child who has recovered from Anorexia Nervosa and considers emotion coaching as the single most powerful tool she has as a parent to help her child process and regulate the powerful emotions associated with this mental illness. 

Natasha Files


Natasha Files MSW, RSW trains and supervises clinicians throughout Canada working to support families with EFFT in the context of eating disorders, general mental health and alternate caregiving (group home setting, foster care, residential, in-patient etc). She is particularly passionate about supporting the healing of estranged parent-child relationships. Natasha is a founding board member of the International Institute for Emotion-Focused Family Therapy and is co-director of Mental Health Foundations. She teaches in the Social Work Department at the University of the Fraser Valley and is involved in research. Personally, Natasha is a mother and enjoys drinking coffee and spending time in nature. 

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