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Harness the Healing Power of
Your Loved One's Anger

Anger is a basic emotion experienced by all. Like every emotion, for anger to run its course, it needs to be expressed and then validated, preferably by a person of trust. We are just now learning about the power of its role in mental health. For example, issues with anger can lead to an increased risk for symptoms of anxiety, depression, OCD and eating disorders - even self-harm behaviors and suicidality.  Anger can also be used to transform problematic thoughts, urges and behaviors. As such, this webinar provides caregivers with a new framework and specific skills to respond to anger in order to harness its healing power. Strategies are also shared for those whose loved one's anger is easily accessible (read: overflowing) or beneath the surface (read: not sure if it's even there). 


Developed by: Dr. Adele Lafrance, C.Psych & Natasha Files, MSW, RSW

Presented by: Natasha Files MSW, RSW

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