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Caregiver Workshop Certification 


Do you have a minimum of FOUR days of EFFT training? (Two of these can be workshop observation)

Are you interested in completing the certification process to become a Certified EFFT Caregiver Workshop Facilitator?

Would you like to complete this process in a small-group setting ?


If so, then this CW Cohort is for you! With a maximum of 6 spots per cohort, and 12 hours of experiential and didactic supervision, this CW Cohort offers an opportunity for clinicians to deepen their EFFT skills while acquiring all materials needed in order to thoroughly facilitate the 2-day caregiver workshop.

For more information about certification, please visit the IIEFFT website.


Pre workshop sessions

July 21st & 28th, 2023

8:00 am-2:00pm PST / 11:00am-5:00pm EST


Post workshop session

Dates to be agreed as a group or individually -

This will be 1 hour long and run after you have facilitated your own caregiver workshop. 


Cost: $1300.00 CAD + PayPal fee - this is for the hours above. 

*payment plans available*

If additional sessions are wanted or needed these will need to be booked separately.

Register Here


*Click here for refund policy*

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