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Caregiver Workshop Certification 


Do you have a minimum of FOUR days of EFFT training? (Two of these can be workshop observation)

Are you interested in completing the certification process to become a Certified EFFT Caregiver Workshop Facilitator?

Would you like to complete this process in a small-group setting ?


If so, then this CW Cohort is for you! With a maximum of 5 spots per cohort, and 9 hours of experiential and didactic supervision, this CW Cohort offers an opportunity for clinicians to deepen their EFFT skills while acquiring all materials needed in order to thoroughly facilitate the 2-day caregiver workshop, while meeting requirements for certification through the International Institute for EFFT.


Limited Seating

Group rates available

*Inquire about a private group booking*

This training will be delivered virtually as a container of 4 sessions


Pre workshop sessions

November 8th & 22nd and December 6th, 2022

6:00-9:30 pm GMT / 10:00am-1:30pm PST


Post workshop session

Dates to be agreed as a group or individually -

This will be 2 hours long and run after you have facilitated your own caregiver workshop. 


Cost: £950 British Sterling - this is for the hours above. 

If additional sessions are wanted or needed these will need to be booked separately.


Please contact for more details or to book


*Click here for refund policy*

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