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In-Person EFFT Trainings
For more information on hosting an online or in-person private training for your organization or your community, contact us here.​
Recent Training Testimonials

“The entire EFFT protocol was life changing; personally & professionally.”

“I completely enjoyed the workshop & learned so much.  I’m excited to implement the strategies into my practice.”

“Very engaging presentation style; you embody the philosophy in how you present; very concrete and helpful skills.”

“Loved Dr. Lafrance’s shared personal experiences and learning “errors”. She was so real and transparent.”

“Your energy and personality reflects the passion for what you do.”

“Excellent training & a dynamic presenter!”


“Loved your energy, your brain and your model”

“Empowering for all- child, parent & clinician.”

“I can see the profound impact this work will have on supporting the efficacy and efficiency of client care.”


“This course has and will continue to transform the work I do with families.”


“The workshop is an amazing experience delivered in a meaningful way. It is truly eye opening. I believe anyone can benefit from the information, I enjoyed every second of it! Thank you so much Adele and Natasha.”


“Highly recommended. The 3 days of training were life-changing for me.”


“In 24 years of practice this EFFT training has been 150% the most valuable , pertinent and exciting training I have experienced!! Life changing!! Thank you!”


“This training will change you personally and professionally for the better!”


“I am new in my career as clinician and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to learn this model and to allow it to inform my practice as I start my career journey.”


“Came for professional development and helped me at a personal level with my own family.”


“This training has shifted my practice and hopefully the lives of loved ones and clients. I would recommend this training 100 times over and hope to attend more advanced trainings in the future.”


“Excellent training. It will be helpful for helping families to heal from past and current ruptures in relationships and to help parents feel more confident and capable of really being able to be there for their children while attuning to their children’s deepest emotional needs.”


I have been a clinician for 17 years and this model is the one I have been searching for and I am so grateful to have found it! This training had a life changing impact on me both personally and professionally.”


“The trainers were masters in creating a very enriching learning environment. Their passion and enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring.”


“EFFT is the tool to help complete the gaps in our work with families, it is the restorative link for healing and recovery for all types of family units.”


“This practice is a game changer for “everyone. Life changing. Freeing. Breath of fresh air.”


“100%. I came in extremely skeptical and it transformed my life in massive ways - I did not expect that whatsoever.”


“After going to 25 years of conferences and workshops, EFFT with Adele and Natasha gave me by far, the most practical skill use of my workshop time investment ever.”

“This is the piece that was missing to help me make progress with stuck clients.”

“Some game changing learning for working with difficult issues in families; very worth taking.”

“Therapeutic goldmine! Some of those quotes will be shared with clients on the daily! (especially regarding resentment).”

“Thanks, very helpful and relevant information for my work with high-risk youth.”

“Yes! 100% everyone needs to know about this model. Thank you!”

“I am so glad I participated. This training has the potential to change and deepen my work with clients to heal and enrich their relationships.”

“Fantastic workshop - super helpful for me personally and professionally. I feel like it should be mandatory for all new parents. I’m signing up for more training!”

“This was incredibly helpful and even though I will not become an EFFT therapist specifically, I find this incredibly useful training to improve my emotion skills within my existing model.”

“This is an excellent workshop to both work on yourself and develop new skills as a practitioner.”

“EFFT training offers a light at the end of the tunnel for clinicians working with complex clients and families.”

“Truly helps to deepen, transform, and evolve your clinical practice AND personal well-being and relationship quality!”

“This is the missing piece in my work with eating disorders.”

“I’m usually not a big fan of workshops, but this workshop is one of the ones that I will say is worth it!!! The materials are very rich and it’s practical. There’s also room for mistakes and flexibility.”

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