Online EFFT Caregiver Workshops


Emotion Coaching for Mental Health: A mini Caregiver Workshop
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Coming soon: 2-day EFFT Caregiver Workshop
Does your child—young or adult—suffer from anxiety, depression, substance use problems, an eating disorder, or other mental health
concerns? Do you struggle with their behavior and/or setting limits and/or how to respond to their emotions?


Inspired by Emotion-Focused Family Therapy – and with a healthy dose of humor - this evidence-based workshop will introduce practical skills to strengthen relationships, increase cooperation and respond to strong emotional reactions, including expressions of worry, anger, hopelessness, even silence. Caregivers will also be supported to identify and work through co-parenting challenges most often encountered along the way. 

This online variation of the 2-day Caregiver Workshop allows space for learning and integration between each session, as well as offers two bonus hours of practice and support.

Prefer a recorded format?


Free parenting videos are also available for those who can’t access real-time support. For more information on these offerings, click here