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Offerings for Individuals and Couples

The videos below reflect our latest efforts to provide high quality resources to individuals and couples seeking to transform problematic patterns and improve their relationships with themselves and others. Sheila also facilitates the online ReLOVEution course listed below. Stay tuned for additional offerings to be scheduled in 2021 and led by Registered Social Worker Sheila Paluzzi, MSW. 

Guidebook & Personal Reflections

Available Now!
30.00 (plus HST & includes shipping costs)

30 days of affirmations, meaning making, daily integration practices and reflection, based upon the principles and content of the ReLOVEution course.
Week 1: Self-Awareness
Week 2: Self-Regulation
Week 3: Self-Compassion
Week 4: Personal Power 


Video Resources for Individuals

Getting to the Root: Recognizing and Working through Emotional Triggers

During this webinar, Sheila will provide an overview of the concept of "emotional triggers", offer support to identify a personal trigger and guide you through the process of healing it's root to better understand your needs. Participants will also be provided with a self exploration tool influenced by emotion-focused principles, as well as the work of Drs. John Gottman and Gabor Mate, for use on their own. 

Joy Interrupted

Do you sometime struggle to fully experience joy? Referred to as "joy-blocks" the most common culprits include feelings of grief, fear and shame. Although many of us long to feel more joyful, it can be a difficult process. Join Sheila Paluzzi as she explains why some of these blocks exist and then leads you through strategies to increase your capacity to connect with joy in an authentic manner.

Beautiful Boundaries

Setting "beautiful boundaries" is a key skill in the maintenance of relationships that are healthy and loving. Many people struggle with boundaries for a variety of reasons. In this video the presenter explores some of the blocks to boundaries and review experiential exercises to support their development.  

"Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others. “ – Brene Brown

Feeling Through the Fear - COVID-19 Resource

Join Sheila to access support on how to move through panic and anxiety to access the wisdom of fear. She will also guide you through an exercise to calm your nervous system and access your inner wisdom. 

Video Resources for Couples

Couples Webinar Part 1: Where is the Disconnect?

Learn about the negative cycles of interaction that lead to feelings of disconnection. Content is influenced by Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples (both Greenberg and Johnson models). A little can go a long way!

Couples Webinar Part 2: Increasing Connection

In this webinar, Sheila will discuss strategies to deepen feelings of love and connection in adult partnerships. Participants will also learn ways to effectively communicate and maintain connection, even in the midst of arguments or conflict.

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