Live Online Trainings - Emotion-Focused Series - 2022

Family Matters in Psychedelic Therapy: Maximizing Outcomes & Minimizing Systemic Disruptions

January 24 2022 • 10am - 3pm MST - CE credits provided  

5-hour training with Dr. Adele Lafrance 

While significant attention has been paid to the intersection of mind-body-spirit in the context of medicine work, the role of relationships in the healing process requires increased attention. Family members and/or close others represent an often-untapped resource for enhancing change in individuals engaged in psychedelic psychotherapy. We can harness the power of these bonds for healing by engaging close others in each phase of treatment in meaningful ways. Providing a supportive other with an active role in the healing process can also decrease their feelings of anxiety, powerlessness and even paralysis, states that can contribute to burn-out and relationship strain. Such dynamics can also contribute to the maintenance of problematic patterns in the dyad or system, especially as the healing work disrupts old patterns. In fact, if not handled skillfully by the clinician, these disruptions can lead to serious distress for those affected, including relational breakdown in some cases.


This presentation will introduce the ethical, neurobiological and psychological considerations for family involvement in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies. Drawing from Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT) and systems theory, simple yet effective interventions will be presented to optimize outcomes and to minimize relational distress, including ways to understand and reduce therapy-interfering attitudes and/or behaviors. Clinical anecdotes from studies of ketamine- psilocybin- and MDMA-assisted therapy will also be shared to illustrate how other-engagement can decrease therapy-interfering attitudes and behaviors, facilitate powerful shared experiences and leverage opportunities to heal and grow in the context of one’s closest relationships, the most fertile ground of all.

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$150 USD (student/discount rate available for those with financial insecurity using code: DISCOUNT) 

4- Part Emotion-Focused Family Therapy Core Clinician Training

Save-the-dates: January 16, 18, 23 & 25, 2023 • 3:30 - 6:30 PST - 12 CE credit hours

4-part training with Dr. Adele Lafrance and Natasha Files, MSW, RSW ​


The essence of EFFT is to afford caregivers a role in their child’s recovery, regardless of their age, level of motivation or involvement in formal treatment themselves. The clinician’s role is to support parents and caregivers to increase their involvement in three domains including behavior coaching, emotion coaching and in the use of therapeutic apologies, if relevant. ​ A fourth module involves supporting caregivers to identify, understand, and transform “emotion blocks” that can lead to therapy-interfering attitudes or behaviors in caregivers.


This training will introduce clinicians to the theory and skills involved in the approach. The facilitator will engage participants using didactic and experiential learning, including skills and techniques that can be integrated into existing treatment models for those clients & families who do not respond to standard care. This training meets criteria towards certification through the International Institute for EFFT. ​


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