Live Online Trainings - EFFT Series - 2020/21

*NEW TIME* Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (equivalent of 2-day core training) 


In light of our need to isolate, we are now offering a virtual 2-day EFFT core training. The essence of EFFT is to increase the positive role of caregivers in their child’s recovery, regardless of their age, level of motivation or involvement in formal treatment themselves. The clinician’s role is to support parents and caregivers to increase their involvement in specific ways - including recovery coaching, emotion coaching and therapeutic apologies. The model also involves a module for clinicians to support caregivers to identify, understand, and transform “emotion blocks” that lead to therapy-interfering attitudes or behaviors.


This final component is critical since throughout the course of treatment, some well-intentioned caregivers can struggle to support their loved one’s treatment. They may even engage in behaviors that enable their loved one’s symptoms, creating challenges for the most experienced clinicians. For this reason, the EFFT model includes a module for clinician and team challenges as well.

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$319.00 (early bird) - $349.00 + GST/HST

April 14, 15, 28, 29, 2021

6:30pm EST - 9:30pm EST

Facilitated by: Dr. Adele Lafrance

Advanced EFFT Training - (3-day)

This advanced training is suited for those participants with a minimum of two days prior training in Emotion-Focused Family Therapy*. 


A review of the theory and basics will serve as a foundation for the training. Participants will have the opportunity to deepen their skills and learn new techniques in the domains of emotion coaching and relationship repair as well as in the processing of parent blocks. Participants will also learn a new techniques to support the processing of child resistance to parental involvement. Learning will be supported using demonstrations, new videos as well as new and expanded experiential activities.


This advanced training is an excellent learning opportunity for medical professionals, psychologists, social workers, nurses, educators and others who interact with individuals, parents and/or families in our community. Participants will learn techniques that can be integrated into existing treatment models for those clients & families who do not respond to standard care. *A minimum two days prior training is required.

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$675 CAD + Paypal fee

April 19 - 21 - 9am PST / 12pm EST - 4pm PST / 7pm EST)

Facilitated by: Natasha Files MSW, RSW & Adele Lafrance, C. Psych

What to Say When Nothing Seems to Work: EFFT Caregiver Workshop for Eating Disorders


Does your child or loved one—young or adult—suffer from an eating disorder Inspired by Emotion-Focused Family Therapy – and with a healthy dose of humor - this evidence-based workshop will introduce practical skills and scripts to use with your loved one in order to increase cooperation, respond to resistance and other strong emotional reactions, including expressions of worry, hopelessness, and even silence. The workshop will focus on one of EFFT's most powerful and foundational tools, emotion coaching, for use with adolescent and adult sufferers. This workshop will be specifically focused on emotion coaching for eating disorders and will cover the most common challenging aspects of caring for a loved one with an eating disorder. Parents, caregivers, and clinicians welcome.


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$125 USD, family discount available

May 8, 2021 - 9:00am CST - 1:00pm CST

Facilitated by: Dr. Adele Lafrance


When Clinicians Get Triggered: An Emotion-Focused Workshop for Transformation and Growth


Join us for a half-day workshop inspired by theory and practices from emotion-focused modalities. It is normal for clinicians to be impacted by our work with clients and/or their family. When this occurs, our access to our instincts or fund of knowledge is temporarily "blocked" by nervous system activation. Our personal life can also be affected. This workshop will offer a container for clinicians to engage in self-care practices while engaging in personal and professional development. Tools, techniques, and supervision interventions will also be reviewed to support clinicians to regain access to their clinical intuition on their own or with peers.


*This workshop is recognized by the International Institute for EFFT for one day of in-person training.


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$150 USD, group rates available

May 22, 2021 - 9:00am CST - 1:30pm CST

Facilitated by: Dr. Adele Lafrance

Identifying and Working Through Problematic Parenting Patterns



This training is intended for clinicians and therapists working with parents of children and adolescents. Facilitators will present tools and techniques to promote attitudinal and behavioral change in caregivers in a way that is supportive and productive. This training also includes modules on managing challenging or conflictual co-parenting dynamics. No prior EFFT training is required.

$120 CAD (+ Paypal fee)

June 17, 2021 - 3 hours (starts 8:30amPST/11:30amEST)

Facilitated by: Dr. Adele Lafrance, C. Psych

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Teaching Emotion Coaching to Caregivers using Didactic & Experiential Techniques


This online training is intended for educators, clinicians and therapists interested in supporting parents to become their child's emotion coach in order to influence emotional development and regulation. Dr. Lafrance will offer a brief overview of emotion basics, the two steps to emotion coaching, as well as present tools and techniques to promote increased emotional self-efficacy for both caregivers and their loved ones. The training material is presented in a way that can be integrated within other treatment modalities and approaches. No prior EFFT training is required.


$120 CAD (+ Paypal fee)

June 17, 2021 - 3 hours (starts 3pmPST/6pmEST)

Facilitated by: Dr. Adele Lafrance, C. Psych

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*Please note that certificates are not available for 3-hour online trainings*

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