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Offerings for Clinicians

The Emotion-Focused Family Therapy Clinician's manual is finally available for order on Amazon or via the publisher, the American Psychological Association. We hope you find it to be useful!

Interested in learning more about EFFT or a refresher about its specific modules or applications? Need flexibility? We invite you to to view one of the many previously recorded webinars on various EFFT-related topics. Free and by donation.

Supervision / Consultation 

Great clinicians know that ongoing personal and professional development is key to facilitating growth and transformation in others. We invite you to register for one of our FREE live clinical webinars on various EFFT-related topics. 

Coming Again Soon

Each month, Dr Adele Lafrance writes and publishes a newsletter for clinicians interested in topics related to emotion, family, caregiving and mental health. You can click here to sign up to receive these newsletters in your inbox.

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