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It's not what happens,

it's what happens next...


About Us

Welcome to our website. We hope you will find the content helpful - whether you are a clinician, caregiver or individual/couple seeking support. 

Mental Health Foundations was founded in 2016 when mental health clinicians Adele Lafrance, Natasha Files and Sheila Paluzzi were moved to increase the accessibility of mental health support through the development of online offerings for caregivers of loved ones with mental health issues.


Since then, offerings have expanded to include the development of resources for caregivers, clinicians, individuals and couples. As always, all caregiver offerings are free of charge. Why? Because our mandate is to increase access to support for caregivers faced with barriers. That being said, the resources, videos, etc available on this website are not meant to replace professional support and those who require such services are encouraged to contact a professional in their geographical area. 


Featured Offerings & Resources

In-Person Caregiver Workshop

This video series was created to support caregivers interested in "prevention parenting" or who are struggling with the behavioural or emotional needs of their child/loved one. Practical skills and techniques are presented, as well as education and skills to manage intense emotional reactions.

Are you the parent of a teenager or an adult child with an eating disorder? Is your spouse suffering? In this 2-part video series, caregivers will learn how to respond to some of the common statements that come up along the journey, including coaching scripts for meal support and symptom interruption.

Join Dr. Adele Lafrance and colleagues in Denver, Colorado for an in-person, caregiver workshop inspired by the principles and techniques of EFFT. Hosted by Mile High Mental Health. For more information or to register, click here

Setting "beautiful boundaries" is a key skill in the maintenance of relationships that are healthy and loving, and yet many people struggle with doing so. In this video Sheila reviews some of the blocks to good boundaries and review experiential exercises to support their development. "Daring to set boundaries is about having the courage to love ourselves, even when we risk disappointing others.“ – Brene Brown

Do you sometime struggle to connect with joy? The most common "joy-blocks" include feelings of grief, fear and shame. Although many of us long to feel more joyful, it can be a difficult process. Join Sheila as she explains why some of these blocks exist, and leads you through strategies to increase your capacity to connect with joy in an authentic manner.

Inspired by Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples (both Greenberg and Johnson models), this 2-part video series introduces negative cycles of interaction that lead to feelings of disconnection in couple relationships,  strategies to deepen feelings of love, as well as ways to maintain connection, even in the midst of arguments or conflict. 

Our online trainings are available to clinicians and therapists interested in EFFT training from home / work. Attendees will be exposed to theory and skills, and practical tools will be disseminated. Online trainings are recognized for certification purposes with the International Institute for EFFT.

Both Core and Advanced EFFT Clinician trainings offer valuable opportunities for didactic and experiential learning. Attendees are also provided with a wealth of resources to use in their practice. In-person trainings are recognized for certification purposes with the International Institute for EFFT. 

Great clinicians know that ongoing personal and professional development is key to facilitating growth and transformation in others. We invite you to register for one of our live clinical webinars or view one of the many previously recorded webinars on various EFFT-related topics. 

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